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Archer is considered one of the easiest classes in the game and is recommended for beginners. It has a simple kit which feels strong on low levels of play. In particular, Seeking Arrow is considered "cheap" because it automatically seeks the target from anywhere on the map.

Despite all that, the class rarely sees competitive play because other classes perform better in the hands of adept players.

In the Novel[]

John, Yuel's classmate in 6th grade, picked up Archer when he was first introduced to Classmancers during a lesson[1]. He felt the class was very strong and has been maining it ever since, going as far as arguing against Yuel and Lars when they called the class weak.[2]


Skill Effect
Focus Passive: Each hit with a basic attack grants a stack of Focus, increasing Crit Chance by 2%. All stacks are consumed the next time the Archer crits.
Volley Fire a volley of arrows in a cone. Each arrow is treated as a basic attack and all of them gain increased Crit Chance from Focus stacks.
Rapid Fire Gain a temporary boost in Attack Power and Attack Speed.
Seeking Arrow Ultimate. Target a visible foe anywhere on the map and shoot a seeking arrow at them. The arrow passes through walls and objects, but can collide with another enemy player. Consumes all Focus stacks and stuns the hit target based on the amount of stacks consumed.