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Welcome to the Classmancers Wiki[]

This is a wiki dedicated to Classmancers - A MOBA Esport Story, a MOBA Esports web novel written by DarkClaymore. Here you can find organized information about the many classes from Classmancers, along with additional information which was only briefly touched upon in the story.

About the Novel[]

The story follows Yuel and Lars, an aloof chess prodigy and a hyperactive basketball ace, as they get into Classmancers. Each brings his unique set of skills to the table: Yuel uses his sharp mind to craft ruthless strategies, whereas Lars dominates his opponents with superhuman mechanical skill. Combining their brain and brawn, they form a duo of Support & Carry and aim for the pro scene from a young age.

You can read the web novel on the following sites: RoyalRoadLegends, WebNovel, Wattpad, Scribblehub and Quotev. There's also the Patreon page, where patrons can read up to three chapters ahead of the rest.

About the Game[]

Classmancers is the fictional MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) played in the novel, similar to the likes of League of Legends and DoTA. The game is played from a 3rd person perspective, which makes Smite the closest real life MOBA example.

Like other MOBAs, Classmancers is a game between two teams of five players. The map is divided into three lanes and the objective is to push allied forces all the way to the enemy base, in order to destroy the Colossus residing there.

Map of MOBA.png

The above is a general illustration of a MOBA map. Like every MOBA, Classmancers puts its own twist on the structures and objectives located on the map.

MOBA games are known for featuring a large cast of playable characters, usually "champions" or "heroes". The same holds for Classmancers, except the playable characters are named after familiar RPG classes: Warrior, Archer, Rogue, Wizard and many others.

More information about the game's structures and objectives can be found under Gameplay.