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Cryomancer is a CC focused Support who disrupts and slows enemies. Its best known utility is Ice Wall, which can block the path of both fleeing and pursing enemies alike.

Cryomancer is at its strongest after building enough cooldown to repeatedly dish out its CC. However, it shouldn't be underestimated during the early game either, as a well-timed Ice Coffin can easily lead to a kill. Despite being regarded as a C Tier class, its CC potential is highly valued and it's not uncommon to see Cryomancer being picked in the competitive scene to counter certain team compositions.


The combo of Cryomancer's Ice Wall and Trickshooter's Trickshot is a well-known meme, where Ice Wall is used bounce the Trickshot for extra damage. It sounds strong on paper, but it requires pitch-perfect accuracy and can't be used in every situation. As such, it's usually not worth picking the two classes together just for this combo.

In the Novel[]

When Julia was first introduced, she lousily played Support Cryomancer for Lars's Trickshooter[1]. She played too safe by staying far away from her enemies, failing to utilize Frostbite for its main purpose in the early game: slowing down the enemy Carry. In addition, she overvalued Cryo-Freeze and thought it was fine that Lars fought 1v2 as long as she could could heal him later with Cryo-Freeze. She failed to consider that the enemy could easily retreat while Lars healed up, a common newbie mistake.

On the other, Lars put Julia's Ice Walls to great use by showing the true potential of Ice Wall + Trickshot. Rather than shooting at the ice wall, Lars fired Trickshot at a normal wall, from which the bullet bounced into an ice wall and then bounced at the target, dealing triple damage.


Skill Effect
Frostbite Passive: Each hit with a basic attack applies a Frostbite stack on the target, slowing down its Attack Speed and Movement Speed for a short duration. Can stack.
Ice Wall Erect an impassable wall that can't be destroyed. The wall melts after a while, its lifespan increases with the skill's level.
Icicle Rain Form a row of icicles and drop them onto the ground, dealing damage. Enemies with Frostbite stacks receive more damage.
Ice Coffin Blow cold wind in a cone, freezing all enemies in range. The frozen enemies can't act. Targets with Frostbite stacks stay frozen for longer.
Cryo-Freeze Ultimate. Freeze yourself or a nearby ally. The frozen player can't act, but they're invincible against all sources of damage/CC and rapidly restore HP. The freeze ends as soon as the player is restored to full HP, but they can also choose to end the effect earlier.