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Druid is a hybrid between mage and tank, with long-ranged magical basic attacks and high defense. The Druid pays for that flexibility by having only 4 skills in total, unlike a proper mage.

Druid is best known for stalling opponents and freezing lanes, mainly in the early game. Gaia's Protection provides a big shield from Lv.1, but its value scales slowly with level and becomes less useful in the later parts of the game. The same goes for the efficiency of Ents, whose ability to tank a couple Turret shots is highly valued in the early/mid game when each shot is deadly for a player. In the later parts of the game, the Druid mostly helps the team by pulling key targets with Nature's Grasp.

Since Nature's Grasp pierces through minions, capable of damaging a whole wave, and Gaia's Protection provides a lot of sustain, Druid is sometimes picked as a Top Laner. Most of the time, this is done in order to freeze the lane against an enemy Top Laner with a strong early game.


Druid is a good Support pick for a Carry Ranger. Ranger needs to get close to its targets to CC them with Wolf Companion and Gaia's Protection allows the Ranger to do so with reduced risk. In addition, the Ranger's basic attacks aren't as fast as those of a real Carry during the early game. Therefore, being able to attack a Turret for a little longer with the help of Ents prevents the Ranger from falling behind the enemy Carry.

In the Novel[]

During the StormBlitz entry exam, Yuel picked Druid to synergize with Trever's Ranger[1]. Aside from using the standard synergy between the two classes, he also predicted the movements of the enemy Pirate and pulled him with Nature's Grasp into Trever's Beartrap.


Skill Effect
Terra’s Wrath Passive: If an enemy player hits Druid three times in a row with basic attacks within a short period of time, that player is rooted for 1.5s.
Nature’s Grasp Shoot a thin line of branches, which passes through minions and deals a little damage. If the branches hit a player, they pull that player toward the Druid.
Gaia’s Protection Cast a temporary shield on yourself or a nearby ally. The shield has a high base value, but scales slowly with level.
Awaken the Ents Ultimate. Summon giant Ent minions, who prioritize pushing the lane similarly to normal minions. The number of summoned Ents depends on the skill's level. Their stats scale with the stats of the Druid, including stats from items.