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Gunslinger is a mechanically taxing class that relies on landing headshots. Its passive, Bullseye, turns every headshot into a guaranteed critical hit. Combined with "Fan the Hammer", a skill that fires a barrage of fast shots, the Gunslinger can deal massive burst damage.

However, the recoil during "Fan the Hammer" makes it difficult to land many headshots. That keeps the Gunslinger's damage in check.

Nevertheless, some mechanically gifted players are capable of landing many headshots despite the recoil. So, while Gunslinger is considered a medium tier class on average, it can turn one of the strongest classes in the hands of a mechanical god.

The class is considered "intermediate" difficulty because it's not very hard to perform well with it. The barrage of "Fan the Hammer" is easy enough to land, provided that the shooter doesn't strictly aim for headshots. In many cases, that unoptimized damage is still enough to be an effective Gunslinger.

However, if one wishes to optimize his Gunslinger's damage, then it becomes one of the hardest classes to master. So, while the class has an intermediate skill floor, its skill ceiling is one of the highest.

"Fan the Hammer" fires more shots the more it's leveled up. This means Gunslinger is at its strongest during the late-game.


Bullseye guarantees 100% Critical Chance when landing a headshot, whereas "Fan the Hammer" fires a rapid barrage that isn't affected by Attack Speed. Because of that, a confident Gunslinger can completely forgo building Critical Chance and Attack Speed.

As long as the player can reliably land multiple headshots during "Fan the Hammer", he only has to build Attack Power, Penetration, and Critical Damage. Doing so will maximize his damage output against players and minions.

However, the lack of Attack Speed compromises the Gunslinger's ability to push objectives. Therefore, the player will have to justify this extreme build by scoring kills and controlling the lane.

In the Novel[]

During the StormBlitz first-string selection match, Lars revealed that Gunslinger has become his second-best class, almost on par with his Trickshooter[1]. He successfully landed three headshots in a row during Fan the Hammer, a feat most kids his age would consider impossible and it was rare enough even in the pro scene.


Skill Effect
Bullseye Passive: Basic attacks have 100% Crit Chance when they land as a headshot.
Fan the Hammer The Gunslinger fans the hammer of his revolver and fires nonstop. Normally, it's impossible to cancel the skill once it started, and it's impossible to perform a Dodge Roll out of it. However, it's possible to cancel it into a Combat Roll, and then either resume shooting after the roll or cancel the skill entirely.

The amount of fired shots increases with the skill's level. It starts at 4 shots and goes all the way up to 7. The shots count as basic attacks. Each shot has heavy recoil, which makes it hard to consistently aim at the same exact spot.

Combat Roll Similar to a Dodge Roll, but with faster startup and recovery animations. In addition, for a few seconds after the roll, the next basic attack has increased Critical Damage and inflicts Cripple.

If "Fan the Hammer" is activated right after Combat Roll, then all the shots of "Fan the Hammer" will benefit from the above buffs. In addition, landing three headshots in a row on the same target will stun them.

Deadeye Ultimate. The Gunslinger carefully locks onto visible targets one by one, then fires undodgeable shos at all of them at once. These shots count as basic attacks. The lock-ons are placed on specific body parts of the targets, so the best practice is to lock onto the enemies' heads for guaranteed critical damage.