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Paladin is a tanky class which excels at supporting allies by sticking close to them. Between the ability to stop all incoming projectiles with Divine Shield and turn nearby allies invincible with Aegis, it's extremely difficult to kill players who stay near their Paladin.

However, if the team is thrown into a disarray, the Paladin will have a hard time providing any support at all. Most of its kit has a short range, save for Justice Strike which has medium range. Paladin also doesn't have any mobility skills to quickly close distances, which makes Blink a rather popular pick for the class.

In the Novel[]

The first time Yuel and Lars played together, Yuel picked Paladin to counter the Gregory's Cleric[1]. He proposed Lars to focus entirely on Taison's Pirate, without worrying about the Cleric's Arise. When Gregory tried using Arise, Yuel countered with Justice Strike, silencing Gregory long enough for Arise to become useless.

Later on that match, Yuel showcased that Divine Shield can also negate Arise[2]. Since Arise shoots a ball of light, it counts as a projectile and gets absorbed by Divine Shield. The projectile has no "power", so Divine Blessing doesn't restore any HP.

During Yuel's entry exam into StormBlitz, Howard showcased how well Paladin can protect its lane partner[3]. Using the Paladin's abilities, coupled with Howard's defensive playstyle, he kept the other examinee (Mark) safe against Yuel's tactics. Near the end of the match, Howard also showed how effective can Blink be on Paladin, by blinking right in front of Yuel's Nature's Grasp and blocking it with Divine Shield[4].


Skill Effect
Holy Aura Passive: When building items with aura effects, the Paladin gains additional defense and HP5.
Divine Shield Raise the shield to block incoming skill shots. If successful, the shot is absorbed into the shield and Divine Blessing becomes available for a short time.
Divine Blessing Can only be used after a successful block with Divine Shield. Restore HP to yourself or to another ally, propritoanlly the to the power of the skill shot/s absorbed by Divine Shield.
Justice Strike

Hit a foe from medium range by creating a holy blade above their heads and dropping it on them. The more damage the target has dealt to allies since its latest respawn, the more debuffs Justice Strike applies:

  1. Always applied: Silence and Slow.
  2. At medium damage: Also lower the target's defenses.
  3. At high damage: Also Stuns the target for a short duration (shorter than Silence duration).

There's a brief period of time during which it's possible to cancel the skill. It has to be done as soon as the sword materializes, right before it starts dropping down.

Aegis Ultimate. Full damage and CC invincibility for yourself and for nearby allies for a short duration.