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Pirate is a versatile marksman, with a line shot skill, an AoE CC and even a melee combat option. However, the Pirate pays for that being overall weaker than the average marksman (such as slower basic attacks) and greatly relies on skills and efficient farming to stay relevant.

The class is considered easy to play because its skills are easy to use and land. However, playing Pirate on a competitive level requires high mastery, as it must utilize its many tools efficiently to not fall behind. It's an "easy to pick up, hard to master" type of class.

In the Novel[]

Taison played Pirate when he was first introduced[1]. Since it was a 2v2 match against Yuel and Lars, Taison tried abusing the AoE CC of Kraken, which was countered by Yuel's Aegis. In addition, Taison used Backfire Cannon for its secondary purpose: quickly retreating from combat, thanks to the strong push effect.


Skill Effect
Plunder Passive: Pirate earns extra gold from landing last hits (on top of the normal last-hitting gold bonus).
Backfire Cannon Bring out a cannon and fire a shell in a straight line, piercing through enemy minions and players. Pirate is pushed back by the recoil.
Wield Cutlass Pirate switches his pistol for a cutlass. Basic attacks become melee, but have more Attack Power, Attack Speed and Physical Penetration. While the cutlass is wielded, this skill is replaced by Wield Pistol, which makes the Pirate switch back to a pistol.
Release the Kraken Ultimate. Summon a Kraken in the target location. The Kraken erupts from the ground, pushing enemies away. Then, it slams its giant tentacles, knocking down all enemy players around it. The skill has a relatively long casting time and can be cancelled before the Pirate finishes shouting "Release the Kraken!", without suffering any cooldown penalties.