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Pyromancer is a damage dealing mage, with one of highest burst potentials in the game. However, its high damage is offset by the medium range of its spells, making it easy to counter with mages who have a long reach.

Unlike most mages, Pyromancer relies not only on spells but also on basic attacks. Hitting basic attacks fills up the Heat Gauge, which increases the power of the Pyromancer's spells. When the heat is low, the Pyromancer's spells are lackluster compared to those of other mages, but when the heat is high - its spells become among the strongest in the game.

The Pyromancer's Attack Speed is higher than average for a mage and can be boosted further via Burning Spirit. That makes the Pyromancer relatively good at pushing lane objectives, to the point it's sometimes picked for the Carry role.


Depending on whether the Pyromancer is played as Mid or Carry, it's built with a different ratio of Magical Power and Attack Speed. Magical Power is prioritized in Mid to clear minion waves, whereas Attack Speed is prioritized as a Carry to push lane objectives. However, most builds ultimately include both Magical Power and Attack Speed, as both are essential for the Pyromancer to be effective. For that reason, Demonic Arm is a staple in effectively every build, as it provides both stats and comes with a useful passive.

In the Novel[]

Pyromancer was the first class Yuel played when trying out Classmancers[1]. Even though the teacher advised to pick one of the easy classes, Yuel went for Pyromancer due to its "Intermediate" label. He soon realized the Pyromancer was a weird mage class, which had to be built with a combination Magical Power and Attack Speed. He also lamented the Pyromancer's short reach compared to the Wizard's "cheap spells", but figured that the Pyromancer was the stronger class when it had enough heat[2].


Skill Effect
Warmup Passive: Each hit with a basic attack fills up the Heat Gauge. The Pyromancer's spells deal more the more heat it has.
Flame Wave Shoot a wave of fire in an arc to deal damage. If Heat Gauge is above 80%, hit targets are inflicted with Ablaze for 3s, losing HP over time.
Burning Spirit Buff your Attack Speed and Movement Speed for a short time.The buff lasts longer the more heat the Pyromancer has.
Pillar of Fire Erupt a pillar of fire from the ground and set the area around it ablaze, dealing damage over time to enemies. If the Pyromancer steps on the burning ground, its Magical Power increases for a short time. The buff is stronger the more heat the Pyromancer had while casting Pillar of Fire.
Blaze of Inferno Ultimate. Draw a path on the ground and make flames erupt along the path. The more heat the Pyromancer has, the longer the path that can be drawn.