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Trickshooter is a mechanically demanding class that relies on hitting Trickshot after making it bounce off a wall. Trickshot is a piercing shot with high base damage, so it's strong during the early game even without bounces. However, it scales slowly with the Trickshooter's power, which makes it weak during later parts of the match without being strengthened by bounces.


The combo of Cryomancer's Ice Wall and Trickshooter's Trickshot is a well-known meme, where Ice Wall is used bounce the Trickshot for extra damage. It sounds strong on paper, but it requires pitch-perfect accuracy and can't be used in every situation. As such, it's usually not worth picking the two classes together just for this combo.

In the Novel[]

When Lars was first introduced, he showcased his mechanical skill by easily hitting Trickshot after bounces [1]. He went the extra mile when with the Ice Wall + Trickshot combo by firing Trickshot at a wall, making it bounce toward the ice wall and finally bounce toward the target, dealing triple damage.

In addition, Lars is capable of quickly chaining multiple Trickslides in a row during Trickshow while firing fast and accurate Trickshots[2]. Taison always finds himself helpless fighting 1v1 against Lars's Trickshow and Lars can even hold his ground against multiple opponents at once during Trickshow.


Skill Effect
Attention Grabber Passive: Landing Trickshot in the middle of Trickslide buffs Attack Power, Attack Speed and Movement Speed a short time. The buff can stack.
Trickshot Fire a bullet that pierces through players and minions. If the bullet collides with a wall, it bounces off and gains +100% power. The buff stacks with each bounce. After each bounce, the flight distance of the bullet increases.
Trickslide Perform a quick slide which can be roll cancelled. The Trickshooter can shoot basic attacks and Trickshot while sliding. The speed of the slide is partially tied to the Movement Speed of the Trickshooter, so it's slightly affected by haste and slowdown effects.
Trickshow Ultimate. Reduce the cooldown and MP cost of Trickshot and Trickslide to 0 for a short time. Duration increases with skill level.