Classmancers Wiki

Wards are items which can be placed on the map to temporarily grant vision of the surrounding area. Wards are normally invisible to enemy players and can't be destroyed. However, they have a limited lifespan and need to be periodically replaced to maintain vision across the map.

A ward can be exposed via Sentry Wards and some class abilities. While a ward is exposed, it can be destroyed by enemy attacks. Placing Sentry Wards with the intention of exposing enemy wards is called "counter warding".

There are multiple types of wards with different functionalities:

Name Effect
Ward The most basic type of ward which simply grants vision. The cheapest and most affordable ward during the early game.
Sentry Ward On top of granting vision, also exposes enemy wards within the vision's range. During mid and late game, players mostly buy Sentry Ward instead of Ward in order to counter ward.
Stealth Ward On top of granting vision, also exposes stealthed enemies within the vision's range. Useful for countering classes with stealth, such as Rogue.
Checkpoint Ward On top of granting vision, also allows allies to teleport to the ward's location via various teleport abilities. Most commonly bought alongside the utility skill Teleport.