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Warrior is a straightforward bruiser recommended for beginners. It gains extra power when close to enemies and can safely get close thanks to the shield granted by War Cry. Therefore, Warrior doesn't require much setup to be effective as a bruiser.

Due to the flat stat buffs Warrior gets, it's very strong during the early game. On top of that, the shield of War Cry scales with Warrior's level, so if Warrior gets ahead during the early game and invests into War Cry - it can become extremely tanky for a while and snowball further from that. However, if Warrior can't get ahead early, the flat buffs start becoming less and less relevant and Warrior's relevance as a whole starts dropping around mid game.

Like most beginner classes, Warrior isn't picked much in the pro scene. But, at least it's considered medium tier by most. The main reason Warrior isn't picked much is because are bruisers who are stronger during the early game, so there's no good reason to pick Warrior over them.

On top of that, even when the goal isn't to pick Warrior for early game advantage, Knight is considered a superior pick because it brings similar tools to the table while being more well-rounded. Thus, generally, Warrior is only picked when all the better options have been already taken/banned.

In the Novel[]

During Yuel's first Classmancers match, his classmate, Jim, played Warrior[1]. Jim had no idea how to properly use Warrior, so he charged straight at the enemies without even activating War Cry, thus getting instantly destroyed.


Skill Effect
Battle Thirst Passive: Warrior gains flat Physical Power for each nearby enemy player and enemy minion (excluding jungle monsters). Nearby enemy players grant Warrior more power than enemy minions.
Fearless Charge Warrior charges forward and pushes back all enemies in its path. If enemies are pushed into a wall, they're stunned.
War Cry Gives Warrior a shield for a short time. If the shield's duration runs out and the shield isn't fully spent, the shield explodes and deals damage to all nearby enemies, relative to how much of the shield remained. The shield's value scales with a combination of the skill's level and Warrior's level.
Swordwhirl Ultimate. Warrior quickly spins his blade, becoming CC-immune. Enemies hit by the spinning blade are slowed and lose Physical Defense. The Warrior can move around while spinning, but with reduced movement speed.