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Wizard is the most straightforward mage and is advised for beginners. Its kit offers all the basic utilities expected from a mage: good wave clear (Windstorm), high single target damage (Fireball), AoE damage (Meteor) and some CC (Quicksand).

In addition, thanks to its passive, Wizard's spells deal high damage during the early game. Therefore, fighting a Wizard on lane during the early game can be very oppressive, especially for newbies. However, on the down side, the power of the Wizard's spells scales poorly for a mage and the Wizard starts losing its edge as soon as mid game hits. Because of that, Wizard is considered a low tier mage and isn't popular in tournaments, though it can be picked in some very niche scenarios.

In the Novel[]

When Yuel first played Classmancers, he faced an intermediate Wizard bot as a Pyromancer[1]. At first, he was overwhelmed by the Wizard's powerful and far-reaching spells, as they felt broken compared to the Pyromancer's medium reach spells. However, over time, he learned that the Pyromancer had a huge burst potential and could overpower the Wizard when played smartly[2].


Skill Effect
Wisdom Passive: Wizard gets a permanent flat increase in Ability Power and Ability Penetration.
Fireball Shoot a fireball that hits the first enemy it collides with. High single target damage.
Windstorm Shoot a wide wind blast in a line. Enemies close to the Wizard are knocked backwards.
Quicksand Create a quicksand at the target location. Enemies on the quicksand are damaged over time and slowed.
Meteor Ultimate. Bombard an area with falling meteors.